Saturday, April 20, 2019

Project 2

For my chimera, I decided to use parts of a manatee, cat, deer, and bird to create a mer-cat. The story behind this creature would be that it lives a similar life to dolphins and flying fish in that it can breathe oxygen and underwater since I added gills. The spots on the wings and its body came to represent the same spots a cheetah or stripes a tiger has, which is the spots would be different for every mer-cat. The horns would probably apply to all the mer-cats, and it would be their way of defending themselves. I decided to paint the animal different shades of blue since it would need to blend into its surroundings to survive. I made a shoreline environment for the mer-cat to add to the fact that this animal can breathe oxygen, and underwater, as well as show that maybe the animal is friendly, like real cats. 

For my medallion design, I decided to implement nature as there are beautiful, mossy trees in front of Pace Hall (Honors dormitory). I also included the camelia, since it is the university's flower. On the backside of the medallion, I decided to add a nautilus shell. I think the theme of my medallion design is very organic and has to do with nature around the campus.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

artist presentation

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My idea for project 2 involves combining very different types of mammals together. I decided to choose mammals because I figured it would make for an interesting result, considering there are so many unique looking mammals in this world. I played around with placement and which body parts would go where in these drafts, and I think it helped me a lot while making the project. My final decision involved some parts of each draft, while still maintaining that mammal-esque look. I used a manatee, cat, bird, and a gorilla to create my project.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I believe that 3D modeling is becoming more and more important to the art world, as well as the non-art world faster than expected. The possibilities with 3D printing, as explained in the youtube video, are literally endless. The possible 3D prints can also play a role in the future where they could most likely be depended on for survival. I think 3D printing is becoming a lot more than just an art-related process and that it is finding its way into many different lifestyles. One that was unexpected for me was that the fashion industry uses 3D prints in some of their pieces. This just further proves the point that 3D modeling and printing can used to create anything. It is hard to say for certain that 3D printing will be very important in the future, but it is true that this process is well on its way there. Just the fact that anyone can 3D print something is allowing them to create without ever having to take a fine arts class. The future importance of 3D printing can be seen when articles about 3D printed edible food, prosthetics, and human organs. This technology could possibly change the way medicine itself works. Like it was mentioned in the youtube video, the resources used to create the prints are finite, so that could be a problem in the future as well. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

For Project 1 I decided to create a pin that is meant to go on clothing, bags, or hats. I took inspiration from the enamel pins that I own, as well as some that I found on the internet. The pin I created is approximately 30x40 mm and 3 mm in depth, which is a bit on the larger side, but I felt that was necessary to fit all the details I wanted to include.

These are the inspirations I used to create a draft for my pin:

Image result for desert pins

Image result for desert pins